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CHIREC Obesity Clinic

CHIREC Obesity Clinic is a multidisciplinary hospital unit for the treatment of major obesity through surgery.

The work of our unit is surgery. If however you do not meet the criteria that justify an operation, we can recommend competent non-surgical specialists, such as nutritionists and psychologists, who are capable of helping you.




Prof. Jacques HIMPENS

Dr. Thierry BALLET Dr. Bernard HEIDERICH
Dr. Roland FASTREZ Dr. Perrine MATHONET



Dr. Matthieu CLANET Dr. Pascal JOUKOVSKY


Causes of obesity

Bad eating habits

  • Eating TOO MUCH
  • Eating TOO FAST
  • Eating TOO RICH

Insufficient physical activity

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Genetic factors

Psychological factors



The easiest way to treat being overweight is to reduce the intake of high-energy food by means of an adapted diet and to promote simultaneously more intense physical activity that consumes more energy from the food.

The combination of a diet with a general better lifestyle can reduce moderate overweight.

On the other hand, diets are particularly disappointing for many patients as they demand great effort and the effects stop as soon as they are interrupted : this is the YO-YO effect.

With people who suffer from severe or morbid obesity, the increase of physical activity is made impossible by the physical impediment of their weight and they end up in a vicious circle, the sedentary lifestyle brings along boredom that is pushing them even further into attaching more importance to food.

It is here that more definitive solutions can help the patients, and in particular surgery.

With subjects suffering from morbid obesity, the deterioration of their life expectancy justifies resorting to surgery as a therapeutic means after a thorough study of their medical file.


Contact us

Consultations are by appointment only : +32 2 434 42 40

If you do not know any specific doctors, please contact the nurse coordinator, Mrs Fabienne LUCAS :

CHIREC Obesity Clinic is located in Building A, 2nd floor of the Edith Cavell Clinic.