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Special attention is devoted to the process of welcoming new staff and their integration takes place through a tutorial system.

The Nursing Department promotes participation and collaboration in decision-making by the teams, not only in regard to professional practice but also for the areas that interface with nursing practice. The Division invests a lot of human and material resources in continuing training. It highlights the skills of the nurses and their experience is shared through link teams.  The Nursing Department also manages the admissions department, inpatient admissions planning, social services, secretarial services for outpatient clinics and the various paramedical services etc.



The role of the nurse is to develop the patient's autonomy and independence through holistic care at every stage of life. Here we are referring both to our own role and to a multidisciplinary collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, social assistants, paramedics etc. Working in this way enhances everyone's work, for the benefit of patients.

Being a nurse at CHIREC means being part of a multidisciplinary team that is motivated by the quality of the service provided to the patient; professional practice acquires meaning through the nurse's involvement in a patient-centred care project. To achieve the highest level of quality, the nursing care provided is based on the skills and professionalism of every member of the Nursing Department.

Each individual has his/her own place in the team and can enhance the team through their own contribution.

To help the nurses to optimise their professional practice in order to meet the expectations of patients, most of the departments have not only health care staff but also administrative assistants, logistical support workers and attendants who help with patient transportation.


Nursing Department Management

The Management of the CHIREC Nursing Department plays a part in developing the overall policies of the institution in order to ensure that the Nursing Department is in line with the hospital's key objectives.

o Four Assistant Managers, who are responsible for the Nursing Department on each site.

o It is responsible for overall nursing care policy within CHIREC.

o It defines the strategic vision of the Department and ensures the development of high-quality, personalised nursing care.

o It develops tools for changing and improving the quality of nursing care.

o It works with the General Management to determine the staffing levels and resources that are required.

o It develops a participative system of management through coaching provided to managers, ongoing training and through its network of shift nurses.

o Collaborative working, sharing information and communicating effectively both internally and externally.

o Organisation and evaluation of the quality of practice.


Nursing Middle Management

o Manages multidisciplinary, even multisite projects, departments etc.

o Supports front-line nurses in the development of their practice.

o Ensures coordination and cohesion between nursing services and other departments within the institution.

o Advises the Nursing Department Management as an expert in specific areas.

o Supports communication between the Nursing Department Management and nursing teams.


Nursing Unit Management

Nursing unit managers are responsible for promoting the quality of patient care.  They coordinate the activity of their own unit and ensure a holistic approach to patients. They have a truly strategic position within the Nursing Department.

o In their management role they act as resource individuals for the members of their team. They develop a dynamic process of sharing and exchanging views, skills and professionalism within the team.

o They carry out the role of a manager within their own unit in developing the performance of their staff.

o They encourage their team to play its part in achieving the aims of the Nursing Department and develop an atmosphere that will promote mutual assistance.


Welcoming and integrating new staff

From the very first day the Nursing Department seeks to create the right conditions for the integration of new staff within the institution.

o The nurse responsible for welcoming new staff ensures that they are given all the necessary information to create the right conditions for their professional development.

o He/she organises visits to introduce them to the logistics, administrative and other services.

o Information and training sessions are provided on a regular basis, in collaboration with the nurse manager responsible for continuing training.

o Within the individual departments, nurse mentors are also responsible for ensuring that new personnel are integrated within the team.  This guidance makes it possible to cope with the stresses inherent in a new job.