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Stress and Burn-out Clinic

Break free from the spiral of negativity, quickly rediscover your serenity and zest for life.


(Inter)national studies indicate that 30% of workers suffer from stress and that 10% are showing signs of burn-out.

Since 2014, stress and burn-out have been recognised by law as psycho-social risks and, on this basis, companies must implement measures for prevention and management.

  • Do you feel exhausted?
  • Are you sleeping badly? Are you irritable or tearful?
  • Do you find yourself in conflict with your colleagues?
  • Breaking down?
  • Are you seeking change?

Our specialists and paramedics


What is it about?

A comprehensive package of listening and support from a team of specialist professionals (medical doctors, psychologists, therapists, coaches).

A warm and welcoming space with a family atmosphere, within our Medical Centre Europe-Lambermont.

Our approach

  • A guaranteed first interview with a member of the team - a medical doctor or therapist, within a week, for an initial assessment.
  • Then, attentive listening and individual support guaranteed by our psychologists and therapists, adapted to each situation of stress, professional conflict, bullying at work or burn-out.

A variety of workshops to understand and manage stress

- The stress-out journey ('I manage my stress in 8 stages') : is a collective pathway of 8 workshops which explore tools and approach the keys to stress and emotional management to better understand yourself. 

Experienced professionals will lead each workshops and, over time, ensure that the group is constructed and shared by peers. 

The integrated team of 7 practitioners works with both body and mind to alleviate your mental and emotional burden.

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- Working groups: to share your experiences and learn from those of others, and to learn how to avoid reproducing the path that let you to the brink of brun-out.

- A meditation group held weekly, particularly focussing on stress and all of the symptoms it causes.

- The 8-week mindfulness programme. More information:

- A programme through virtual reality.

- Support group (coaching) to allow you to reach your full potential, to draw added strength from each challenging experience: to bounce back after burn-out or failure, to give you the right to be daring and to succeed, to communicate better, to prepare for a change or retirement, to help cope with a bereavement, ...

- If necessary, we also work with medical doctors specialised in sleep disorders.

- Absolute discretion, respectful of your choices and your beliefs.