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Urologic Oncology Clinic

All cases of CHIREC patients with urological tumours are discussed in Multidisciplinary Oncological Consultations, in the presence of numerous colleagues from different disciplines, such as anatomo-pathology, medical oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiology.

Oncological practice, as adopted at the CCI, meets the strict rules of the recommendations of the international medical associations. 


Our specialists and paramedics

Urologic oncology clinic

Developments are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

As an example, NMR is a very useful examination in extension assessments, particularly in prostate assessments, to look for "target lesions".

Another example, PET-scan can be performed with a particular marker, Fluciclovine 18F, which is very useful for detecting a recurrence of prostate cancer if the PSA tumour marker is reincreased.


On the therapeutic level, Chirec has equipped itself with a Da Vinci robot to perform high-precision surgery and, above all, to ensure rapid convalescence.

The activity of robotic surgery is constantly increasing. Therapeutic management is multidisciplinary, involving in particular oncologists in charge of medical treatments, which have recently undergone a real revolution: new hormone therapies, immunotherapies and targeted therapies are now being added to chemotherapy, ensuring better control of cancer pathology.

Therapeutic management also involves radiotherapists, who have the latest generation of equipment, enabling true radiosurgery: targeting becomes infra-millimetric, making it possible to increase the effectiveness of treatments, while better sparing healthy tissues.


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Delta Hospital

  • Management of a suspicious lesion:
    • Mrs. Christine SION - Nurse coordinator: 02/434 54 19
  • Consultations
    • Onco-urological surgery: 02/434 81 05
    • Oncology: 02/434 81 17
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 81 17
    • Treatments: 02/434 87 60

Braine-l'Alleud Hospital

  • Consultations
    • Onco-urological surgery: 02/434 94 30
    • Oncology: 02/434 70 85
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 70 85
    • Treatments (Delta Hospital): 02/434 87 60

St-Anne St-Remi Clinic

  • Management of a suspicious lesion: 02/434 26 97 (coordinating nurse)
  • Consultations
    • Onco-urological surgery: 02/434 30 31
    • Oncology: 02/434 37 83
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 37 42
    • Treatments (Delta Hospital): 02/434 87 60