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The multidisciplinary centres

Haematological Oncology Clinic


The haemato-oncology clinic offers comprehensive care for patients with haematological malignancies (blood cancer).

Teamwork means above all open-mindedness, trust, communication and sharing the same values.

Our specialists and paramedics

Onco-haematology clinic

With medicine tending to become more individualized and with increasingly targeted treatments, it has become important to share scientific knowledge.

This is why we have set up a structure in which multidisciplinary consultation is operational from the very first consultation.

All cases diagnosed or referred by our generalist or specialist colleagues are discussed at the weekly 'Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation' in the presence of the various specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment.

We develop a privileged collaboration with the University Centres of the region and refer the patient to a specialised centre if necessary.

Finally, we aim to centralise haematological care within our Institution for an integrative, multidisciplinary, human and individualised medicine.


Making an appointment and information request

Delta Hospital

  • Management of a suspicious lesion: 02/434 17 45 (coordinating nurse)
  • Consultations
    • Haemato-oncology: 02/434 81 17
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 81 17
    • Treatments: 02/434 87 60

Braine-l'Alleud Hospital

  • Consultations
    • Haemato-oncology: 02/434 70 85
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 70 85
    • Treatments (Delta Hospital): 02/434 87 60

St-Anne St-Remi Clinic

  • Management of a suspicious lesion: 02/434 26 97 (coordinating nurse)
  • Consultations
    • Haemato-oncology: 02/434 37 83
  • Radiotherapy
    • Consultations: 02/434 37 42
    • Treatments (Delta Hospital): 02/434 87 60