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CHIREC Executive Board

CHIREC Executive Board

Restricted Executive Board

 Dr Philippe EL HADDAD - General Medical Director CHIREC
 Dr Benoît DEBANDE - Executive Director, Administration and Finance CHIREC 
 Dr Hervé LIGNIAN - Chief Medical Officer - Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo
 Dr Anne FOSTIER - Chief Medical Officer - Ste-Anne St-Remi
 Dr Gilbert BEJJANI - Chief Medical Officer - Basilique
 Dr Michel DEWEVER - Chief Medical Officer - Delta
 Isabelle CAMBIER - Director of the Nursing Department - Permanent Guest
 Françoise GOLLIER - Director of the Administrative and Financial Department - Permanent Guest


Enlarged Executive Board

 Marco DUSANIC - Director of the Human Resources Department
 Joël de WIT - Director of the Operational Department
 Pascale BERRYER - Director of the Communications Department
 Guy STICHELBAUT - Pharmacist Head of Department
 Renaud VANTRIMPONTE - Director of the Infrastructure Department
 Dr Patrick DE VOS  - President of the Board of Directors CHIREC
 Dr Jean-François ANNAERT - President of the Medical Council CHIREC