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Continuing education

Continuing education aims to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of the staff of the Nursing Department. 

It helps to maintain the specific qualifications and titles of the staff.

This is in order to offer a high quality service, improve working conditions, and promote professional committment by being part of the institution's project.



- Maintaining the worker's suitability for his/her job, taking into account changes in knowledge of the technological environment, working conditions and legislation.

- Social promotion of workers.

- Contribution to the cultural, economic and social development of the institution.

- Education according to a scientific approach.


CHIRAN Foundation

Depending on the funds at its disposal, the CHIRAN Foundation can take care of:

- Training courses on 'humanization of care' and 'clinical expertise'.

- Registration for conferences and congresses.

- Affiliations to professional associations.

- Professional journals.

- Equipment.