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Equiligne Centre - Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo Hospital



The Equiligne Centre offers a multidisciplinary approach to overweight patients, eligible or not for bariatric surgery.

The purpose is to offer the patient a comprehensive care according to the strictest quality criteria.

Our team offers a multidisciplinary support to the patient who has the courage to take responsibility and admit the physical and psychological suffering caused by obesity.


We offer :

  • medical treatment
  • a somewhat different dietary approach : "behavioural dietetics"
  • with a psychological follow-up
  • a sport hall
  • nurse coordinator ready to help and listen
  • and a styling advisor


A check-up in 2 days

A distinctive feature of Equiligne Centre is the pre-op check-up that is made on a short hospital stay of two days



Coordinator medical doctors of the Centre
 Dr Denis PITOT / Bariatric surgeon
 Dr Christophe GHYS / Endocrinologist
Bariatric surgeons
Dr Nicolas CLAEYS
Dr Jérôme HERVE
 Dr Denis PITOT / Bariatric surgeon
 Mr. Benoît DOYEN
 Mrs. Concetta DIFRANCESCO
Mrs. Michèle JAMAR
Mrs. Violaine COLONIUS
Mrs. Maxence GLIBERT