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Re-source Delta Center

Who are we?

The aim of the Re-source association is to improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and that of those close to them, whether that is around the time when they receive their diagnosis, during or after the treatments.

The association supports patients and provides a warm and welcoming space for them near to the hospital where they can find a listening ear, share experiences with former patients, get advice from health professionals and take part in activities that promote psychological, physical, and social well-being in a relaxing environment.

The activities offered are based on studies that all suggest that: improving nutrition, reducing stress and doing a regular physical activity, strenghtens a person's chances in the fight against the disease.


The association offers a wide range of activities linked by 4 axes of support:



- Sharing: sharing your experience with patients and health professionals before, during and after treatments.

- Being: being kind to yourself, living in the present moment so that you can learn to stay calm and relaxed.

- Moving: practising a physical activity regularly to improve your vitality.

- Eating: learning how to eat healthy and delicious food to give your body and spirit the strength to bounce back.



Workshops are organized from Monday to Sunday except during school holidays whe there is a permanent telephone service.

The full timetable is available on the website.