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Prevent and recover from burn-out

Please note that the consultations are conducted in French only.

The 'Stress Out Journey' will provide you with the key to better understand yourself, find meaning in your experiences, use the resources available to you, initiate change and open yourself to new perspectives. 

Broaden your experience and discover tools that will help you in the long-term, thanks to the symbiosis of each approach and the wealth of sharing.

Further information about the conduct of the workshops below.


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Over the course of 8 workshops, you will learn to better control your stress mechanisms and to avoid the risks of burn-out or relapse.

Two experienced professionals will lead each workshop and, over time, will ensure that the group is constructed and shared by peers.

The team of practitioners works on both body and mind, so your mental and emotional burdens will be alleviated.


Overcome your stress in 8 stages:

- 'Cogs and wheels' workshop: understanding stress mechanisms with a view to prevention.

- 'Lotus' workshop: applying mindfulness to your experiences, to think and act with serenity.

- 'Chi' workshop: discovering your vital energy and establishing your boundaries.

- 'Compass' workshop: exceeding your beliefs and creating your own inner compass. 

- 'Move' workshop: liberating your movements to reach the essential.

- 'Ego' workshop: altering your perception of what creates tress for you and increasing serenity through the Enneagram. 

- 'Balance' workshop: finding your rightful place.

- 'Pathway' workshop: exploring what inspires you.