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The multidisciplinary centres

Supportive Oncology Clinic


The supportive care group is one of the cross-disciplinary groups at the CCI. Consultation between the members of this group facilitates interdisciplinary projects with the support of "Plan Cancer":

- Oncopsy: a psycho-educational programme for groups of patients with cancer.

- Children's area: a space supervised by psychologists for children whose parents have a severe illness.


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Oncology Supportive Care

This is a global and multi-professional approach designed to support patients throughout their cancer treatment.

According to the individual's therapeutic plan, it either focuses on readjustment and reintegration or on palliative comfort care.

The oncology supportive care service is an integral part of the Chirec Cancer Institute and combines different disciplines that offer patients with cancer an approach that complements the cancer treatment:

  • Psycho-oncology
  • Liaison psychiatry
  • Oncology physiotherapy
  • Oncology rehabilitation
  • Nutrition
  • Supportive oncology
  • Social services
  • Pain clinic
  • Continuous and palliative care
  • Smoking cessation
  • Speech therapy


Collaboration with treating physicians

Collaboration with your treating physicians is essential in the palliative care sector.

They are regularly informed of the patient's progress and decisions concerning the hospitalised patient through reports or telephone calls and they play a central role in palliative care at home.

The palliative care teams collaborate with second-line home support teams as well as with the palliative care units.