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The Centre Hospitalier Interrégional Edith Cavell, CHIREC, provides treatment in all medical and surgical fields, except for cardiac surgery.

The CHIREC was born from successive mergers of several clinics and hospitals, the first two of which were the Edith Cavell Clinic and the Parc Léopold Clinic.

Today, 3 sites regroup the hospitalization activities:

  • Delta, in Auderghem
  • Ste-Anne St-Remi, in Anderlecht
  • Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo

Our local care offer is also based on a network of outpatient medicine centres with 2 day hospital sites:

  • Edith Cavell Medical Centre, in Uccle
  • Clinique de la Basilique, in Ganshoren

And four medical centres:

  • Park Leopold, in Ixelles
  • Europe-Lambermont, in Schaebeerk
  • CityClinic Louise, in Ixelles
  • Jean Monnet, in Nivelles


CHIREC is a hospital organisation which attaches considerable importance to:

  • High-quality private medicine based on a personal approach, respecting the patient's freedom of choice and offering transparent tariffs.

  • A multidisciplinary, patient-centred organisation, which aims to meet the majority of the patient's needs and facilitate access to specialist doctors. 

  • An exemplary, leading centre with a clear scientific character, involved in numerous partnerships with University centres and enjoying universal recognition.

  • Competent, well-motivated staff, who engage successfully in large numbers of innovative projects and are involved in continuing training.

  • A modern medical infrastructure, with the latest technological facilities for both diagnosis and treatment.

  • A comfortable, flexible accommodation infrastructure, offering a wide range of personalised services and easy access (car parking, metro, bus, road infrastructure, etc.).


Our personal approach

You are the patient and our attention is always focused on you. 

Our multidisciplinary teams complement each other, using all their skills to ensure that you receive the very best and most appropriate treatment. Our therapeutic approach is built on close contacts between these teams and the chosen specialist. This level of contact with specialists is maintained throughout treatment. Thanks to these personal relationships you will receive care quickly, without the need for any waiting lists.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the following principles:


We put quality processes in place and monitor the safety of our patients.

There is also a strong emphasis on hospital hygiene.



We respect all decisions made by our patients and their families about their care and we take everyone's religious and cultural beliefs into account. 


Information about the hospital


Boulevard du Triomphe, 201

1160 Brussels - Belgium

Entreprise identification number:

472 937 059