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Humanitarian Missions


Our teams that are going on mission for a period of 8 to 15 days, are composed of one (or two) anaesthetist(s), several surgeons, nurses of operating theatres and recovery rooms, nurses specialized in neonatology or in ostomy care, and sometimes students in medicine.


Where our missions take place - What kind of medical and surgical procedures

Benin - Tanguiéta

Saint-Jean de Dieu Hospital


B.P.: 7 Tanguiéta - Benin

Phone : +229 23 83 00 36

Frère Florent, Dr G.B. Priuli - Medical Director of the Hospital

E-mail :

> Numerous consultations and surgical procedures (both paediatrics and adults) :

  • ENT and deafness apparatus
  • maxillo-facial surgery
  • Plastic surgery

> Training of local medical doctors who assist us


Tanzania - Mwanza

Sekou Toure

Chaasta Organization

Phone : +255 784 950 649 / +255 767 454 545

P.O. Box 11279 Mwanza - Tanzania

E-mail :

Bugando Medical Centre


Phone : +255 282 500 545

Dr Geoffrey Giiti - Chief surgery, Head of O.R

P.O. Box 5575

E-mail :


> Numerous consultations and paediatric surgery procedures (children from 1 month to 7 y/o):

  • Surgery for anal imperforations of children suffering from ostomies since birth
  • Anorectal disease, Hirschsprung's disease


The mission in Mwanza is really important for those children. No surgeon on site is able to close the ostomy and restore instestinal continuity. And as long as those children have ostomy, they cannot go to school.

The main purpose of this mission is to allow them to live like any other child.

Surgeries are done in close collaboration with local teams to enable them to eventually perform such procedures independently.


Our needs on sites

For our volunteer team :

  • travels
  • accomodation
  • logistical support

For patients and Tanguiéta Hospital

  • deafness apparatus
  • surgical instruments for surgery for face and neck tumors, medical gloves, surgical gowns, ...
  • medical and surgical instruments: suction, scalpel, oximeters, video conference, anatomopathology lab, ultrasound, Rx, CT-Scan, ...
  • Medicine : antibiotics, analgesics, enteral feeding, ...
  • non-toxic antimalarial, anaesthetics,...

For patients and Mwanza Hospital

  • antibiotics
  • anaesthetics
  • antiseptics
  • paediatric surgery instruments
  • analgesics
  • epidural pumps
  • medical gloves, surgical gowns
  • dressings (sterile pads or compresses)
  • scalpels
  • suction instrument
  • ostomy pouching systems