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Talking groups for bereaved parents in the perinatal period

Discussion groups for parents who have lost a foetus or baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth. 

The loss of a foetus or baby is a shattering ordeal. It requires real grieving work, which each person experiences and goes through in their own way, according to their own pace and timeframe.

This shared forum provides parents with support and counselling.

They will also be able to share their experience of loss with other parents who have been through a similar experience.

These groups are led by Dr Brigitte Sepulchre and Joëlle Rabinowitch.


Practical details

  • These discussion groups are held once a month, from 5.30pm to 7pm, at the Delta Hospital.
  • If the first session is suitable for you, it is preferable to attend on a regular basis to help establish a climate of trust within the group. 
  • You are welcome alone or accompanied by your partner.
  • These discussion groups are entirely free of charge, funded by the non-profit organisation Early Birth.
  • Registration is required:

Je m'inscris à la séance du 18 juin 2024

(Sessions only available in French)

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