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Nutri'Kids Clinic - Delta Hospital


Nutrition is an integral part of paediatric treatment and monitoring, from birth to adolescence.

Throughout this period, the body is continually changing due to constant growth. Its needs vary according to hormonal, metabolic and psychological changes and the frequency of infectious episodes, particularly in early childhood.

In some cases, children can experience an energy imbalance, leading either to malnutrition or obesity.


Malnutrition is mainly caused by three aethiologies:

- Deficient intake (food avrsion/anorexia, malformation, etc.);

- Nutrient loss (malabsorption, urinary problem, etc.);

- Hypercatabolism (increase in the metabolism due to an underlying pathology).


Obesity can be caused by an underlying physical or psychological pathology.



The aim of the child nutrition and weight centre is to help you take control of you child's nutrition.

The treatment is multidisciplinary and focuses on the following specialist areas:

- Paediatrics

- Paediatric gastroenterology

- Dietetics


- Speech therapy

- Psychomotor therapy

- Child psychiatry


Treatment pathways

Hospitalised patients

Screening and monitoring on the ward with proposal of post-hospitalisation follow-up if necessary, to give patients long-term support.


Overweight or obese outpatients

- Initial consultation with Ms De Longueville (dietician);

- Followed by a consultation with Dr Olive for a physical examination and potential assessment;

- Proposal of a psychological monitoring.

Following this inital assessment:

Monitoring will be carried out either at Delta Hospital as an outpatient, or at Braine-l'Alleud Hospital for hospital treatment.


Outpatients suffering from malnutrition

- Initial consultation with Dr Olive. An assessment is generally offered as an outpatient or in the hospital if the situation is severe.

- At the same time, dietary follow-up is scheduled with Ms De Longueville.

- Psychological support may also be offered.

- A consultation with a speech therapist, Ms Smets, may also be recommended depending on the situation, particularly for children suffering from Feeding and Eating Disorders.

- Children with malformations, diseases or digestive problems are referred to a gastro paediatrician, Dr De Greef, as part of a multidisciplinary approach.



Dr Carole OLIVE

Paediatrician/ Nutritionist

Dr Elisabeth DE GREEF

Gastro paediatrician



Dr Sébastien CARLOT

ENT surgeon

Ms Marie SMETS

Speech therapist

Ms Juliette RIEUTORD

Psychomotor therapist




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