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Outpatient rehabilitation - Delta Hospital

Who are we?

The multidisciplinary team comprises: 

Physical rehabilitation services are intended for patients with either muscle/joint or neurological locomotor disorders, who have the potential to recover all or some of their physical and cognitive functions.


To make an appointment

A first appointment will take place with one of our physical medecine and rehabilitation specialists. 

This specialist will direct you to one of our rehabilitation programmes, depending on your needs.

  • Physical medicine: 02/434.81.07
  • Coordination (physiotherapy and occupational therapy): 

In order to provide you with specialised care, we offer two rehabilitation programmes: 

  • Neurological (lesions in the central and peripheral nervous systems)
  • Orthopaedics

The sessions will last between 1h30 and 2h depending on the medical prescription and the pathology.

You will be treated by the physiotherapist and the occupational therapist at the same time.

If approved by the medical doctor, it is possible for therapy to take place in a swimmingpool.



Orthopaedic purposes

  • Walking rehabilitation
  • Recovery of joint range
  • Analytical and functional reinforcement
  • Improvement of endurance under exertion

Specific techniques

  • Manual therapy
  • Hooking therapy
  • Rehabilitation room with cutting-edge equipment


Neruological purposes

  • Waling and balance rehabilitation
  • Partial or total recovery of impaired functions
  • Prevention of falls and fractures

Specific techniques

  • Nervous sytem modulation
  • Neuromotor reprogramming

Occupational therapy

The occupational therapist offers therapeutic procedures to allow patients to regain optimum functioning in their physical, social and professional environment.


  • Evaluate physical, environment and cognitive abilities and limitations.
  • Suggest exercises and role-playing to improve patients' participation in every day activities.
  • Stimulate cognitive functions.Advise on how to adapt activities.Assist patients in the management of their pain and fatigue.