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Prevention of Cancers and Screening Clinic


Prevention and screening: why?

Nowadays, not all cancers can be avoided. Nevertheless, you can take action against cancer. 

Prevention enables the risk of cancer to be reduced by about 30%.

Screening allows the detection of a series of cancers, often at an early stage, and often even before any symptoms are apparent. 

Treatments are more effective then, and the chances of a cure are greater.

For certains cancers, screening also makes it possible to identify pre-cancerous cells, which can be treated in order to shop the development of cancer.

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Cancer prevention and screening Clinic: your consultation

The consultation establishes a risk profile and a series of examinations and specialist consultations to be recommended.


Our specific characteristics

  • Consultation open to anyone, with or without a special cancer risk factor.
  • High-quality, multidisciplinary personalised prevention and screening plan based on your risk profile.
  • Organisation of a 'screening circuit' consisting of a series of examinations and specialist consultations.
  • The results are centralised and forwarded to your attending physician(s).
  • Objectives of afforability and transparency of costs.


In practice

1) First 'cancer screening' consultation:

  • Standardised medical questionnaire.
  • Medical history: personal and family medical history.
  • Clinical examinations.
  • Recommendations based on the risk profile.
  • Duration of the consultation: 1 hour.

2) Screening circuit:

  • Specialist consultations.
  • Additional examinations.
  • This circuit may take 1 to 2 days.

3) Second 'cancer screening' consultation:

  • Announcement of the results. Depending on the results:
  • Prevention advice.
  • Recommendations for follow-up or treatment.
  • Duration of the consultation: 1 hour.

4) The results are forwarded to the medical doctor(s) of your choice. 


Practical information

Making an appointment - Request for information

Secretariat: 02/434.81.15


Dr Laurence Gordower - Medical doctor coordinating the Cancer Prevention & Screening Clinic.

Nurse coordinator: Mrs. Audrey GILLIS - 02/434.17.45


- Delta Hospital - 1st floor

- Braine-l'Alleud Hospital - Building D / Ground floor


12 prevention recommendations *

Do not smoke or consume any other form of tobacco.
Avoid passive exposure to tobacco, particularly in your workplace.
Keep your weight stable.
Engage in regular physical activity and avoid sitting down for too long.
Eat healthy.
Limit your consumption of alcohol.
Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, use sunscreen and avoid using sunbeds.
Protect yourself from carcinogens by following the health and safety instructions in your workplace.
Check your exposure to radon gas emissions at home, and take action if necessary.
For women: breastfeed if possible.
Vaccinate your children against hepatitis B (newborns) and against the human papilloma virus (HPV) (teenage girls).
Take part in organised programmes for screening of at least these 3 forms of cancer:
  • colorectal cancer
  • breast cancer
  • cervical cancer

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