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The multidisciplinary centres

Delta Maternity ward


Visiting hours

The partner and siblings of the newborn are welcome every day between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

  • In a private room, the partner is welcome at any time, day or night.
  • If you have chosen a 2-bed room, the partner is invited to leave the room by 8:00 pm at the latest.

Family and friends: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 2 people at a time.

Other visitors: from 5pm to 6pm. Max. 2 visitors at the same time.

Our specialists and paramedics


Pre-natal follow-up provided by our midwives

'Meeting a midwife' Consultations

Midwives offer you the following care support for the birth of your child:

  • a warm listening and information space,
  • an uptime, individualised and attentive presence,
  • a qualified team to answer your questions,
  • a support to your pregnancy, birth and your return home,
  • a place to talk about previous difficult childbirth experiences.

The duration of these meetings is one hour.

Pre-natal appointments

The midwife works in close collaboration with your gynaecologist.

She monitors your pregnancy both from the medical point of view (checking of parameters, ...) and in terms of preparing for the birth (advice on various subjects, answers to your questions, ...)

Making an appointment

If you want to see a midwife for a 'meeting' or a pre-natal consultation at the Edith Cavell Medical Centre or at the Delta Hospital, please make an appointment by calling: 02/434.81.12.

You can also see a midwife at the Europe-Lambermont Medical Centre (located in Schaerbeek) - T : 02/434.24.11.

Smoking cessation consultations

An appointment with a midwife to help you quit smoking is intented to provide clear information, with a caring outlook, for the mother-to-be and/or for the couple who are wondering about the effects of smoking during pregnancy.

If you wish, we can help you quit smoking in a way that is tailored to your wishes as a mother-to-be/parent(s)-to-be.

These consultations (only available in French at the moment) only take place the Delta Hospital, by appointment 02/434.81.00 .

Information session about beastfeeding

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Post-natal follow-up

As part of the ministerial policy to shorten the period spent in the maternity ward, our teams are continuing to use their best endeavours to guarantee the best possible transition between hospital and home, with midwives from the hospital providing follow-up care at home.

Post-natal and breastfeeding consultations - To make an appointment

To make an appointment with a midwife or one of our beastfeeding consultants, at the Edith Cavell Medical Centre or at the Delta Hospital, or if you would prefer some home care, please call us on 02/434.17.50 (Monday-Friday: 9.00 am - 3.00 pm).

A delivery room 'just like being at home'

A major innovation is the opening of a delivery room where you give birth rather like you would do if you were at home!

Patients who can use this service will be selected based on several criteria:

  • Patients who are not suffering from any pathologies.
  • Who are not receiving any treatment at the time of giving birth.
  • Often, these are patients who are being seen by a midwife.

If the slightest problem arises, this room is directly linked to the standard delivery room, and the patient can be transferred there immediately.


Obstetrical physiotherapy sessions at the Delta Hospital

Those sessions will take place on the 1st floor of the Delta Hospital, Wing C - Waiting room C4.

On Thursdays at 1.00 PM : Pre-natal gymnastics

Every week, a physiotherapist specialized in obstetrics will give a 60-minute course.

Registration here (only available in French).


  • Comfortable clothing, socks (shoes have to be removed in the room)
  • Bring a large towel
  • A changing room with lockers is at your disposal.
Payment: 20€/class (please bring the exact amount). 
  • In case of cancellation, please give 24 hours notice.