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Travel Clinic

The Travel Clinic offers piece of advice and all necessary and obligatory vaccinations for people planning journeys to fairly distant places:

  • yellow fever,
  • rabies,
  • forms of encephalitis,
  • meningococcus
  • etc.

Yellow fever vaccination is only administered at Delta Hospital (Bld du Triomphe 201 - 1160 Auderghem).

Our specialists and paramedics


Consultations are open to anyone who is planning a trip to an exotic country and for those who present a health problem after retuning from a trip in one of those countries.

The patient's GP is informed by post whenever they visit the Clinic.



The Travel Clinic operates at the Delta Hospital, the Park Leopold Medical Centre, and at the medical centre CityClinic. It is only available by appointment and it offers convenient appointment times.


Delta Hospital

T : +32 2 434 81 17

Boulevard du Triomphe 201 - 1160 Brussels 1st floor


Park Leopold Medical Centre

T : +32 2 434 81 03

Rue du Trône, 100 - 1050 Brussels


CityClinic Louise

T : +32 2 434 20 00

Avenue Louise 235B - 1050 Brussels