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Cosmetic surgery

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Delta Hospital +32 2 434 81 17 - Floor 1H
St-Anne St-Remi Clinic +32 2 434 37 77 - Route 36
Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo Hospital +32 2 434 94 30
Basilique Clinic +32 2 434 21 11
Medical Centre Edith Cavell +32 2 434 81 01 - 2nd floor
Medical Centre Park Leopold +32 2 434 81 03
Medical Centre Europe-Lambermont +32 2 434 24 11


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Cosmetic surgery

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to correct unsightly physical features and restore a diminished sense of self-worth and hard to bear from the aesthetic and/or psychological viewpoint.

These treatments can only be carried out after a long process of reflection by the patient, and following comprehensive and individualised information, which our practitioners consider as particularly important.

This elective surgery, carried out for personnal reasons, meets with a legitimate need for the patient to feel comfortable with their body, but is of course not essential.

For this reason, it is usually not reimbursed by health insurance schemes or the patient's hospital insurance, if they have it.

Apart from a specific cases where a functional problem is added to te aesthetic concerns, all the costs (fees, hospitalisation, medication, any implants) will be payable by the patient, plus 21% VAT.

Your surgeon will give you an estimate of the costs during your consultation.

Cosmetic surgery includes, in particular:

  • Facial surgery (lifting, eyelids, nose, ears that stick out, ...)
  • Breast surgery (enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, ...)
  • Figure enhancement surgery (liposuction, lipofilling, reduction of the thighs or arms, ...)
  • Abdominal surgery (tumm tuck after a diet, by-pass or pregnancy, ...)

Cosmetic surgery also includes non-surgical procedures: particularly laser dermabrasion, peeling or mechanical abrasion, injections of fillers (hyaluronic acid ...) or Botox injections.