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What is back school?

The back school is a multidisciplinary and international therapeutic approach that focuses on functional re-education to overcome or work around any physical issues and to teach good spinal hygiene.

In severe cases, the aim is to teach patients how to live with their back pain, although in numerous cases the objective is a considerable reduction in the associated symptoms to avoiding another relapse.

Patients are supported by doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and a psychologist. When necessary, we will request the involvement of a nutritionist or an osteopath.


The programme

The programme consists of two phases of which the first is compulsory.

The first phase lasts two months with two sessions per week. This phase of the back school consists of 16 sessions, of which two are devoted to the entrance and exit assessments and 14 to theoretical training, re-education and spinal hygiee (ergonomics).

The theory lessons enable patients to better-understand their complaints and so worry about them less.

The practical lessons enable patients to control their back better, to develop their proprioceptive ability and thus to optimise their spinal positioning.

Once these 16 sessions have been completed, patients can access the second phase (20 sessions) with an emphasis on re-education for undertaking strenuous activities and muscle strenghtening.

The streching, muscle strenghtening and increasing stamina sessions are intensified in this phase to enable each patient to develop their physical ability as well as possible.


Who is the back school for?

The bach school is for anyone who has had pain in their spine (back and/or neck) for more than 6 weeks, as well as people who have just undergone surgery on the spinal column, no less than 3 months ago.