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Hand rehabilitation


HospitalContact details
Delta Hospital

+32 2 434 85 44 - 1st floor - Wing C (hand rehabilitation)

+32 2 434 85 45 - 1st floor - Wing C (occupational therapy)




- To provide personalised care. We manage all congenital, traumatic, post-operative and rheumatic hand pathologies.

- To provide orthotic management with made-to-measure moulded orthotics (focussing on rest and recovery).


Duration of one session

From 1 to 2 hours.


Specific techniques

- Manual therapy

- Cryotherapy

- Parrafin

- Hooking therapy

- Fasciatherapy

- MAPS therapy

- Physiotherapy


Occupational therapy

The occupational therapy offers therapeutic interventions to restore function and help you to accomplish all of your daily life tasks, to perform at work, and enjoy your leisure time.


- Assess: mobility, strength, sensation.

- Suggest an approach that focuses on the person and theur activity.

- Propose exercises to improve range of movement, restore grip, increase dexterity, improve coordination and strengthen the upper limbs.

- Prevent postural compensation.

- Support patients in managing their pain.

- Improve sensory recuperation.

- Offer readaptation by mental imaging.

- Design made-to-measure orthotics.

- Advise on how to adapt a task, activity or the environment.


Hand rehabilitation - Who are we?

The multidisciplinary team comprises:

- 1 physical therapist

- 4 occupational therapists

- 8 physiotherapists

- orthotists