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We-Care: an audiovisual project

We-Care: an audiovisual project for the parents of premature children, developed by the CHIREC Intensive Neontal Unit

Featuring two parts, this project is an audiovisual support programme for parents of premature children, featuring 54 video-capsules that approach a variety of themes, such as developmental care, feeding, positioning, skin-to-skin contact, etc.

Premature births represent 8 to 10% of births. These children often experience a long and difficult stay in hospital.

There is already a series of parental assistance initiatives in place, including support groups and psychological support.

This new initiative aims at enhancing this parenting support.


Part I

The first part takes place at the hospital. A few days after the birth of their child, and in addition to the support from the neontal team, the parents will be provided with a tablet computer on which they will be invited to view videos of case studies, as well as testimonials from parents who have experienced premature birth of their child.


Part II

The second part will take place during post-hospital follow-up.

Parents who have signed-up will receive an e-mail with links to view videos, with content suitable for the age of their child.

This way, it will be easier for them to implement the advice given by the specialist who looked after their baby(ies) in the centre.