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Peritoneum Clinic


The peritoneum is the membrane that covers all the organs of the abdominal cavity. 

Several cancers can occur with peritoneal metastases: ovarian cancer, cancer of the appendix (pseudomyxoma), mesothelioma, colon cancer, stomach cancer, ...

Our specialists and paramedics


The optimal treatment of peritoneal cancer consists of surgical removal of all macroscopic cancer sites (debulking, cytoreduction) followed by rinsing of the abdominal cavity during the same procedure with concentrated chemotherapy at 41°C (HIPEC: Hyperthermic IntraPEritoneal Chemotherapy).

This technique gives remarkable remission and survival results, but it is heavier than an intervention without HIPEC.

The Peritoneum Clinic was created specifically to bring together all medical and paramedical staff to provide the best possible support to all patients requiring HIPEC before, during and after the procedure.


One month before the operation

The patient meets with all the caregivers, each of whom explain their role in multidisciplinary care.

The patient is put in contact with former HIPEC patients if he/she wants to, in order to give them confidence with the surgert they will undergo.

The patient's general physical, nutritional and psychological state is optimised by intensive physiotherapy, correction of nutritional deficiencies and psychological and sophrological support.

Since the introduction of this new concept of "prehabilitation", there has been a clear decrease in the patient' stress and anxiety before and after the operation, with a shorter post-operative course with less risk of complications.


During hospitalisation

The patient is given maximum support, both medical and paramedical (intensive physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, psychological support, the volunteer and the team from the wellness and aesthetic support, etc.)


After hospitalisation

The team makes every effort to restore the patient's quality of life and former preoperative 'balance' as quickly as possible through practical help at home, organised by the social worker, physiotherapy, nutritional advice, participation in emotional, physical and social support activities with other cancer patients.


Chirec Hospital Group and the Chirec Cancer Institute are proud to offer this new integrated multidisciplinary approach, which is very comprehensive and, in this sense, unique among all other HIPEC centres.


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