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The multidisciplinary centres

Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo Maternity Ward

Visiting hours

  • Private room: the partner is welcome day and night.
  • Shared room: the partner is welcome from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • Siblings are welcome from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm, which applies to every room category.
  • From 5pm to 6pm: Visits authorised for relatives. 2 people at a time, and a maximum of 4 different people. 

Our specialists and paramedics

Birth and parenting preparation meetings

The maternity team offer a cycle of 6 meetings to prepare for birth. They aim at:

  • introducing our team,
  • better understanding our perception of medical and psychological support during the pregnancy, birth and throughout your stay in the maternity ward,
  • informing you about the different techniques available.

To know more about these meetings, click here.


Prenatal consultations

During this consultation, you will be able to ask anything to the midwife.

Here are some of the most frequent subjects:

  • The role of the midwife before, during and after the birth.
  • Different sorts of preparations, the way you want to feed your baby (breastfeeding, baby bottle)
  • The operation of the maternity ward (when is it necessary to come over, your stay, visiting hours, ...)

You will also receive some explanations about the information sessions, and some useful documents about your stay in our maternity ward. 

For who?

Any woman who is +/- 7 months pregnant


Once during the pregnancy

To make an appointment

If you are interested in meeting our midwives, please make an appointment:

  • At the secretariat of Gynaecology: 02/434.94.39
  • At the secretariat of the maternity ward: 02/434.95.10


Gentle birth

One of the main characteristics of the maternity ward at Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo is the philosophy of a gentle birth.

This notion highlights the importance of ensuring that the newborn is welcomed into the world in conditions that will allow them to fully express their intellectual, sensory and practical skills.

The newborn will be welcomed in half-light without unnecessary noise, and placed on their mummy's tummy with skin-to-skin contact.

The medical staff will be discreet and respectful of these first moments of intimacy that are the foundations of a new family.

When wishing to breastfeed, this will be arranged within the first few minutes following the birth.

The healthcare team will be available and attentive to your needs and those of the partner.

Everything will be in place to safely ensure you full comfort.


Respecting physiology

As a complement to this gentle approach for the newborn, we offer parents a pregnancy monitoring and birth policy that is based on respecting physiology.

The only medical intervention during the birth will be in the event of any potential or actual complications.

In any other cases, medical intervention will be minimised to respect the natural progression of the birth.

The mother will be encouraged to move, walk, relax in a hot bath that helps the cervix to dilate, before resorting to a possible epidural, which will never be imposed but always on request from the mother.