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Meditation workshops to overcome stress

Stress, fear, despondency, exhaustion, pressure, doubt, ... Far from a tool that creates an indifferent calm or teaches you how to manage emotions, mindfulness is a way of transforming your existence through the teaching of techniques to overcome the challenges of our times, so that they do not extinguish our inner vitality.

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Listen to your inner vitality

Meditation is training on how to fine tune your ear to your inner vitality, discover the confidence that lies with you and bring forth a sense of courage to face the events in your life.

This practice provides precious support in detecting the early indicators of stress, burn-out and depression, as well as in their healing, without even being a substitute for therapy.

Meditation is a pathway that leads us to discover our own inner strength and the spontaneous intelligence that we need to fully and joyfully engage with reality.


Each session is unique and specially designed for the workshop, so there is no standard protocol.

They comprise guided meditation, time for questions and answers and precise and detailed enlightenment about the practices.

The workshops last an hour and a half, are open to all and the number of participants is limited.