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The multidisciplinary centres

CHIREC Cancer Institute (CCI)


The Chirec Cancer Institute is the leading private cancer centre in Belgium, and is able to offer a personalised, human and integrated approach to patients. In order to carry out this mission, the Institute has a multidisciplinary team and sophisticated technological equipment (PET CT scanner), while also devoting a proportion of its work to clinical research.   

Our specialists and paramedics

Making a donation  

If you wish to support us and make a donation to the CHIREC Cancer Institute (CCI), you can do this via the ING account number IBAN BE88 3751 0478 5341, which is only for donations to the CCI.

Your assistance is valuable because it helps us to continue to make progress in treatment for people affected by cancer. 

We thank you sincerely for your generosity.


Areas of activities

Clinics / DepartmentsCoordinators
Prevention of Cancers and Screening Clinic Dr Laurence Gordower
Breast Clinic Dr Jean-Frédéric Limbosch

Gastrointestinal Oncology Clinic

Dr Sandrine Roland

Urologic Oncology Clinic

Dr Antoine Abi Aad

Gynaecologic and Pelvic Oncology Clinic

Dr Jean-Pierre Claes

Thoracic Oncology Clinic

Dr Christophe Compère

Dermatological and Melanoma Oncology Clinic

Dr Olivier De Lathouwer

Face and Neck Oncology Clinic

Dr Thierry Ladner

Neuro-Oncology Clinic

Dr Frédéric Collignon 

Endocrine Oncology Clinic

Prof. Jean-Paul Squifflet

Sarcomas Clinic

Prof. Michael Gebhart

Haematological Oncology Clinic

Prof. Philippe Vermeulen

Radiotherapy Division

Dr Pauline Gastelblum

Medical Oncology Division

Prof. Thierry Velu
Supportive Oncology Clinic (palliative care) Dr Anne-Marie Parmentier

Nuclear Medicine Department

Dr Max Lonneux

Oncological Radiology

Dr Mohammed Ouertani

Oncological Nursing

Mrs. Isabelle Cambier

Clinical Pathology

Dr Sandrine Rorive


Mr Guy Stichelbaut