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Welcome of new recruits

Promoting the integration of new recruits into the hospital, developing contacts between the various professionals of the institution and gathering your opinions and ideas are among the main objectives we set ourselves in welcoming new employees.


First day at work:

- Going to the Human Resources Department for the latest updates of documents. 

- Production and activation of the swipe card.

- Signing of the welcome and supervision form.

- Delivery of specific documents and explanations.

- Presentation of the institutional activity grid and the specific grid for the service.

- Access to various computer software.

- Planning of mandatory training courses.

- Submission and explanation of the key findings report.

- Contact with the person in charge of the changing rooms and uniforms.

- Visit of the hospital and strategic locations. 


From the 2nd day to the 15th day:

- The new employee will be doubled during this period. Their schedule will be identical to that of the referents, preferably in the morning. 

- Working in pairs, in a supervised manner.

- Learning about the unit's organization and integration into the team. 


During the first month:

The new employee learns the techniques specific to the department as well as the general organization. 

During this time, the nurse 'ICANE' provides support in the integration process and carries out the assessment of the key findings report during an appointment with the staff.

The new employee also assesses themselves with their referents on the basis of the activity grids, in order to make an initial assessment of their evolution and objectives. 


After 3 months:

First assessment with one of the nurse managers, using the assessment file and completed activity grids.


After 6 months:

Second evaluation according to the same procedures as the first.


Mandatory internal training courses:

- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training

- Fire training

- Nursing file training

- Postural training

- Hospital hygiene training

- Wound care training

- Diabetology training

- 'Hemovigilance' training

- 'Identitovigilance' training

- Training in the various computer software programs