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Access to consultations

You can find all the details regarding the consultations through:

Consultations Directory:

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Hospital sites - Brussels & Walloon brabant

       Delta Hospital                     St-Anne St-Remi                      Braine-l'Alleud



One-day clinics - Brussels


  Basilique Clinic                            Edith Cavell



Medical Centres - Brussels & Walloon brabant


    Park Leopold                         Europe-Lambermont               CityClinic Louise



 Jean Monnet (Nivelles) 



Please do not forget:

  • Consultations are by appointment only. Moreover, some of our specialists receive patients in private practice.

  • Whenever you come for an appointment, please bring your identity card.

  • If you have had radiological examinations, blood tests or any other examinations in a hospital or medical centre that does not belong to CHIREC, please bring the results to your consultation.

  • We must inform you that most of the doctors and paramedical staff are not regulated by agreement.