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Clinical research

Participate in clinical research

During your stay in hospital or during a consultation, you may be asked to participate in a research project. 

Participating in research means: 

  • Advancing science. 
  • Offering you the best care.
  • Enabling our healthcare professionals to offer you the latest advances in their fields.

Some research projects use data from your medical record. 

Other projects use "residual human body material", i.e. samples that would have been taken to make a diagnosis (blood sample, biopsy, etc.) or a treatment (e.g. during surgery with resection of part of an organ) and that have been stored in a laboratory or tissue bank (biobank).

The right to refuse further use of medical data and/or residual body material for research purposes is provided for by law. 

If you object, please complete the attached form and send it to:

CHIREC Medical Departement is committed to respecting your wishes.


Form to object the use of my data - my residual human body material